Search Browsing Virus

Have you ever had this happen to you? You performed a simple search on the Internet but your browser keeps spitting out random pages or worse yet, you are directed toward a series of similar sites all pertaining to specific items. In many cases the item for sale is a supposed cure for a terrible virus that your computer has been infected with. If this is the case then you have been infected with a browser redirecting virus.

How Do I Get A Browser Search Virus?

A browser search virus, also known as a redirect virus, does not usually happen without some form of download involved. This can happen very quickly due to the speed on modern Internet downloading capacities. Typically, viruses of this type are downloaded via file sharing sites or e-mail offers. On occasion they will piggy back on certain programs set to auto-play on an infected website. In all instances these viruses may not have been installed specifically by the website that infects your computer. It is entirely possible that the site in question was infected by another user or a hacker.

How Bad Is This Type Of Virus Really?

A browser search redirection virus is not a simple thing to remove in most instances. Typically anti-virus software may not be capable of even detecting these viruses much less removing them. A redirecting search virus will cause your computer to do all kinds of funky things. It will churn out repeatedly generating new pages over and over. It will destabilize your browser, which may in turn cause your system to crash damaging your computer. Any time you put in sensitive information such as a bank account number that information may be collected and sent directly to the virus owner. In short, these viruses are very bad news and you will need experienced help to remove them.